Memory Works


Each sculpture in this series is based on a historic work. The first one refers to a Metope from the Parthenon—Lapith and the Centaur. Here I was interested in the implied movement within the waring parts of the composition.

The Visit and the Apparition refers to a painting by Balthus entitled: The Room. The central figure in the painting holds a piece of drapery that resembles the angels wing in the Annunciation by Fra Angelico. Both parts are confronting each other, and both are outlined in each of the two parts of the sculpture.

Light, Reflection, Space, is a seven-part work based upon the Winged Victory of Samothrace. The three bronze vertical sections are facing in and are attached to a right triangle. They mark three narrow segments of the classical sculpture. The three forged steel “screens” outline and extend the forms found in the bronze reliefs. Ideally the sculpture should be placed within the circular building seen in the last two drawings. The large oculus in the roof is open to natural light. That light will illuminate the space within, thus conveying the memory of the original classical sculpture through time and over distance.